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Our Research Lab is located in the Marine Science Research Center of Stony Brook University

Research in our laboratory focuses on two main questions:

  • How do organisms mediate resource flows within the community?
  • How do positive interactions regulate community structure and stability?

In practice, and as can be seen below, our lab examines a continuum of questions ranging from single species interactions to ecosystem function, giving us a unique perspective on each of these problems. In all of our research, we use quantitative and manipulative experiments to bridge the gap between theory and field systems. We accomplish this through the development of mathematical models that incorporate empirical data as well as designing experiments and analysis that rigorously test theory.

Marine Sciences Research Center
Stony Brook University - Southampton
239 Montauk Hwy
Southampton, NY 11968

Phone: (631)632-5044  |  Fax: (631)632-5070


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