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Researcher Investigates New Modeling Technology to Assess Climate Change Impact on Winter Storms


SoMAS Faculty Participate in Task Force Trying to Bridge the Weather-to-Climate Prediction Gap


To Improve Seasonal Storm Track Forecasts, Look to the Tropical Stratosphere


SoMAS Faculty Stemming the (Rising) Tide of Climate Change


Climate Science Special Report (CSSR) features important work of MAPP-funded task force


U.S. Global Change Research Program Climate Science Special Report


Advancing Nobel Prize winning Science


SUNY faculty conducts Nobel Prize–winning work on climate change


SoMAS secures NSF Grant to Bolster Geosciences Education Support for Underrepresented Students


NOAA organizes the Subseasonal to Seasonal (S2S) Prediction Task Force to advance the capability to model and predict sources of S2S predictability


Stony Brook Professors Create Hurricane Prediction Model for New York State


SoMAS Faculty Members Honored on SBU Faculty Honor Wall


News 12 Long Island: The Next Big One - Climate Change (January 2013 interview news story)


Stony Brook Faculty Mentor 28 of the 300 Semifinalists in National INTEL Science Research Competition


Stony Brook University Honors SoMAS Nobel Prize Winners


SoMAS Professors Share Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Al Gore and the IPCC



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