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Visiting scientists /

Dr Xing Jing



Dr Raul Bettencourt




Dr Jing Xing is an Associate Professor at the Laboratory of Pathology and Immunology of Aquatic Animals (LPIAA), Ocean University of China (OUC). She obtained her Ph.D degree from OUC in Immunology of Aquatic Animals, with research focusing on the development of specific detection techniques (immunolabeling) to characterize shellfish cellular and humoral defense factors. She joined MADL as a postdoctoral fellow with support from China Scholarship Council (CSC) to work with Allam on molecular immunity with a focus on biochemical cues involved in the interactions between waterborne particles and bivalves. These investigations led to the identification of the first lectin specifically produced by mucocytes in a marine bivalve. Common research interests between Dr Jing and Allam are expected to foster the development of future collaborations between MADL and LPIAA.



Dr Bettencourt is a Research Scientist working at the University of the Azores (IMAR), Portugal. He has a long standing interest for innate immunity and how primordial defense mechanisms evolved among taxa. He obtained his PhD degree from Stokcholm University (Sweden) working on insect immunity. His post-doctoral research, first at the University of Massachusetts and later at the University of the Azores, focused on cellular and molecular immunity in invertebrates, particularly the role and evolution of transcription-regulation factors (such as NF-kB). He joined MADL in 2005 for a 6-month stay as a Fulbright fellow working with Allam on cellular and molecular immunity in bivalves, including gene expression in response to pathogen challenge and the involvement of the tumor suppressor gene p53 homologue in apoptosis during inflammatory reactions in marine bivalves. This interaction led to the development of 2 collaborative projects with Allam funded by the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD). In this framework, exchange programs between MADL and the University of the Azores are currently underway, including scheduled stays for Dr Bettencourt and his students at MADL in 2009 and 2010.

Prior Visiting Scientists /
Dr Najeeb Parvez
( Allam), currently at the Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources of the University of Idaho.


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